Canada's First Indoor Airsoft Shooting Range


Virtual reality is all the rage. But, what if you could take traditional VR to the next level? Action Airsoft’s Virtual Range put you and your friends in front of a massive HD screen with full surround sound and challenges you with interactive drills, target practice, competition-based scenarios and even brings you back to classic arcade style shooting games.

What is a Virtual Shooting Range?

A virtual shooting range offers the thrill and excitement of a shooting range in a fun, educational and judge-free environment. Fully immersive experiences put you in right in the centre of life-like scenarios.

A virtual range is a great way to help you learn to shoot with confidence for a fraction of the price of using a real range. Plus, you will have more fun too!

Show us what you got!

Sometimes, you need to let off some steam….that’s exactly what Action Airsoft’s Virtual shooting simulations are made for.

We take classic arcade and video games to the next level.

We utilize authentic sim guns that are not only used for training but are an integral part of the gaming experience at our range.

We put you right in the action with our series of highly addictive games that feature head-to-head competition, solo gameplay and even lets you track your progress and scores against your friends.

Some of the exciting and interactive games we offer at Action Airsoft Virtual range are:

Boar Hunting – Use life like sim guns to hunt wild boar with full surround sound.

Time Target Practice – See who has the best time as you speed through challenging target scenarios

IDPA/ISPC – True to life challenges. Do you have what it takes to have the quickest time and highest score? These challenging course offer beginner and Pro levels. Over 50 different skill levels will challenge even the most experienced shooter.

Skeet Shooting – Go head-to-head or solo for the classic game of skeet shooting. Keep track of your progress and experience over 25 different levels of difficulty.

CQC – Other wise know as CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT. Experience the rush and adrenaline of making quick decisions while both the good and bad guys are coming at you. This series of games make you think quick on your feet and gives you the truly immersive experience everyone enjoys.

Steel Challenge – Improve your time and get valuable practice in this virtual simulation of the real competition.

Action Airsoft Virtual range has over 15 different games and 75 levels of difficulty so you can have a completely different experience every time you visit.

Fun Group or a different Date Night experience right in the heart of Mississauga!

Whether it’s a reward for finishing a major project, a great way to kick off the new quarter or even a way to impress potential clients, Action Airsoft’s Virtual Range are an important part of boosting team morale.

You’ve tried bowling, axe throwing and sporting events…you’ve even Googled “company outing ideas”.

Now is the time to try something new and exciting and most likely something your guests have never done!

Action Airsoft’s approach to these corporate outings allows us to teach our guests accurate and relevant skills while also helping them blow off steam in a fun, competitive environment that will have them talking about their experience for weeks!

Why Choose Action Airsoft’s Virtual Range?

We will do whatever is necessary to make your next corporate function a hit! Choose to use our comfortable indoor range at our facilities or let us bring the excitement to you!

While we may not be the average choice for a group activity in the GTA, we are the most fun!

Our virtual shooting lounge are designed with full sound and a giant 12 x 14 screen. Your employees and clients will engage in practical target course, steel challenge simulations, and other exciting games.

If you are worried about this not being appealing to your whole group…trust us, they will be creating memories and experiencing something they may never had seen themselves doing.


Pricing is based on a per player rate in the following time increments. All taxes are included.

  1 Player 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players
30 minutes  $35  $30  $30 $25
1 hour    $45 $40 $35  $30
90 minutes  $75 $70  $65 $60


Our Virtual arrange lounge accommodates 4 people and offers couches privacy for your group.

Surrounding Areas we serve

Action Airsoft Virtual Range is in Mississauga located on Dundas Street East, 2 Traffic lights west of Dixie. We are close to all major highways which make us the ideal location for your next event.

We have had the pleasure of serving customers from all over the GTHA area and have travelled throughout the city and surrounding areas to bring the action directly to you!

What to learn more about our mobile capabilities? Call us at 905-615-7757 to find out more.