GHK GK105 GBB Rifle

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This version comes with adjustable hop up system!

This particular GHK AK GBB is made completely out of metal, with FRP handguards. The ABS grip are properly sized pistol grips, which feel comfortable to hold. The overall feel of the GHK AKs are great, with a nice crisp blowback feeling; The nice clear "clack" every time you rack the bolt, or the "clink" sounds as you pull the trigger is absolutely sublime!

Field stripping is just like the real steel, what's even cooler is that you could even fire the GHK with its upper receiver cover removed. This particular model is the sleek black AK 105; it features a folding full length solid stock, which clips on very securely to the left. If you want a new GBB rifle that doesn't conform to the Armalite series, we at RedWolf Airsoft Highly Recommend the GHK AK series!

Length (Extended): 833mm
Length (Folded): 593mm