T-N.T. GHK AK kit & 245-275mm barrel for GHK AKS-74U

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THIS NEW amazing system was especially developed to replace and upgrade the entire GHK AK hop-up structure. With the ongoing demand for quality upgrade parts for GHK AK, TNT AIRSOFT STUDIOS has developed this kit which includes all necessary parts including a GBB hop up bucking and CNC hop up chamber.

  • GHK AK series GBBR HOP-UP chamber x1 + T-N.T. aps-x 245-275mm inner barrel (CNC aluminum body+anodized+T-N.T. lettering)
  • CNC aluminum HOP-UP adjust bar x1、PIN x1
  • elasticity pressure block x1
  • jimi screw x2
  • CNC aluminum adjustment knob x1
  • T-N.T. Located Directional Rubber for GHK AK GBB x1
  • T-N.T. Precision Air cushion Directional inner barrel x1