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APS Metal AR mid caps

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Quoted from the APS website:

"This magazine is made of metal and fully compatible with aftermarket airsoft guns taking M4 magazine. The capacity of this magazine is 150rds and the internal compoments of the magazine are imported from Japan. Mid Cap Design"
These are results from our in house testing, there is no 100% guarantee that the fitment will work for YOUR specific rifle.
APS/EMG Falkor Series Yes Yes
G&G Combat Machine Body, GR Metal Body M4s.  Yes Yes
VFC VR16 VSBR Series Yes Yes
E&C 301 Metal Body Series Yes Yes
Valken Battle Machine Series No No
King Arms BRO Metal Body Series No No
ARES Amoeba Plastic Body Series Yes Yes
KWA Metal Body KM4 No No
Krytac Metal Body CRB/SPR/PDW/LVOA Series Yes Yes
Lancer Plastic Gen 2 Series