Modify MOD24 - Olive Drab

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The Modify Airsoft Sniper Rifle MOD24 is built for shot-to-shot consistency and reliability of accuracy. The Modify MOD24 improves all-round an airsoft sniper's skills, by offering upgraded flexibility and hit rate with the newly-designed, adjustable, accurate Hop Up. Specially-made barrel spacer, accurate trajectory. A wider, adjustable, textured trigger; a removable Picatinny top rail for mounting sights; 2 sling swivels and 3 studs; adjustable Butt Stock; a steel cylinder and strengthened metallic internal parts. Its field credentials is complemented with non-glare, non-reflective finish for better camouflage. Every Modify MOD24 USR150 has gone through Airtightness tests.

Special Features:


Weight 2.8 KG Length Min./ Max 1100mm, with the stock adjusted to the Min. Length
Outer Barrel Length 24 inch Inner Barrel Length 485mm
Inner Barrel Caliber 6.03mm Pellet 6mm
Magazine Capacity 30 rounds Shooting Mode Air-powered (bolt action)
Muzzle Velocity 490 FPS